As luck would have it ...

As we're all aware, any fire department on the planet needs an excessive amount of water to put out a fire, whether it be a house, business, wooded area, or a hayfield.

The Greene Fire Department here in Maine is no exception, and they have their very own "fire pond," which is a body of water with a maintained level ready in the event of an emergency.  If there's a fire in town, then a hose from the department's tanker truck is attached to a hydrant that's piped to the pond. The water is drained and then taken to the site of the fire.

Now, this particular fire pond on the Bull Run Road also has a "spillway," which prevents the water from overflowing. This year, the spillway eroded, and an excessive amount of water was draining from the pond, making the water level low enough so that the hydrant didn't work.

Fire Department officials there sprang into action, contacting engineers, contractors, and trying to figure out "where the money would come from" to fix this "bone dry" situation.

When all seemed lost and the situation was bleak, the water began to reappear and the fire pond began to fill. What had happened to change the predicament? Was it a sign from above? Did a miraculous and heavenly savior appear to block the spillway so that the pond would fill again?

Yes. One did appear out of the blue, but not from above.

A savior in the form of a furry, buck-toothed, flat-tailed beaver.

Turns out that "Bucky" had decided to build a beaver dam in the spillway, which stopped the water from draining. The hydrant began to work again, thousands of dollars were saved, and the men and women of the Greene Fire Department rejoiced as all was now well.

The beaver had no comment.

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