Crime doesn't pay, and neither did this person!

Several months back, our friends at High Tide in Brewer, uploaded a video of some interesting security camera footage to their Facebook page of a woman allegedly skipping out on her tab in a rather sneaky way.

It appears to be near closing time on the outdoor deck at the restaurant because everyone has pretty much cleared out, so the woman in the video, who conveniently has a table right by the railing, carefully glances to her left, then carefully glances to her right to make sure the coast is clear, she grabs what appears to be a take out box, then she gets up, plants her butt up on the deck railing, and slides on out into the night without paying her tab. Not cool.

Some comments from folks on the High Tide post suggest that this woman may have attempted this at Texas Roadhouse, and also at Judy's in Bangor.

Here is the lesson to be learned here: Bottom line, don't buy what you can't pay for! Respect the people in the service industry, because they work hard.

When I saw this story, I couldn't help but remember the episode of That 70's show, where Kelso, Eric, Donna, Jackie, Hyde, and Fez all went out to a fancy dinner that Kelso had agreed to pay for because the gang didn't have any money. Of course, you know what happened next, Kelso pulled a dine & dash and stuck everyone else at the table.

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