After a record-breaking wet July here in the State of Maine, the Old Farmer's Almanac is predicting another wet and cool month to continue Maine's summer.

It is predicted that the Northeast will begin August with hot temperatures and scattered thunderstorms with a hurricane threat to follow. By the middle of the month, temperatures are looking to hit a recurrent drop in seasonable temperatures that will be considered on the cooler side for summertime New England weather.

The average predicted temperature will be about 65-degrees Fahrenheit with another above-average total of rainfall to accumulate to around 4.5", which is about half an inch more than the average for August.

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Currently, the National Hurricane Center is not expecting any tropical cyclone activity in the Atlantic Ocean for the next couple of days. The National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) predicted an active hurricane season in the Atlantic for 2021 back in May. They predicted 3 to 5 major hurricanes to develop this year but also stated that it was not expected for this year's hurricane season to be as active as last year's record-setting year.

So far, the Atlantic has seen five tropical storms, one of which that became a hurricane, for hurricane season, which started June 1st. Two months in and we've only seen five storms so, it's hard to say what will occur between now and the end of the hurricane season on November 30th.

With Maine's ongoing drought, meanwhile, it was relieving to have a wet July. Parts of the coast of Maine were able to break free of the drought conditions in July but all inland counties are still categorized in the 'abnormally dry' category with 'severe' ongoing drought conditions still plaguing Western Maine counties.

Another wet month may be what's needed to get the majority of Maine out of drought conditions but, it's no fun when Mainer's have to compromise their short-lived warm summer weather.

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