The Curran Homestead based out of Orrington has a long tradition of keeping traditional skills and long lost ways of life alive by educating Mainers and all visitors of what life was like in rural Maine during the late 1800s into the 1900s.

Now, the museum will be housing a long-lost New England treasure at the homestead for visitors to check out.

The museum announced in a Facebook post on Sunday that a 1894 Herschell-Armitage horse carousel will be moved to the Curran Homestead this spring and be operating by 2022.

Here's the details from the 19th Century Curran Village Facebook page:

Here's what the post says:

Update. We have hired the engineering firm Nickerson & ODay of Brewer, ME to move our carousel building starting as early as April!
Some may have seen that we pored the frost walls to receive the old building, an octagon shaped three story barn structure. The structure will be a center piece of our evolving museum village which will have more than thirty structures. The 1894 Herschell-Armitage horse carousel was a mobile riding gallery that operated throughout Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts at country fairs and the like from 1896-1922. It was stored in a hay mow for more than 50 years in Saco, ME. The carousel was donated, and at great expense restored over more than a dozen years. From 2012 until 2016 a ride was offered to every Willowbrook Museum visitor. The carousel will likely be operable by 2022. We also hope to utilize the structure as a gallery in the round maximizing this wonderful structures full potential.
Great news for the Bangor area!  We will get to check out a working carousel from the late 1800's right in our backyards!
Keep up to date with all of the events at the Curran Homestead by visiting their website or following their Facebook page.

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