This must have been some trip, because this video has been viewed 20,000 times in the last week!

When I first came across this video from a YouTube channel called "We're The Russos" all I could think of is the Griswold family packing up the Wagon Queen Family Truckster and heading to Wally World in the first National Lampoon's Vacation movie back in the 80's. Unlike the Griswold's, the Russo family has their act together, and they prove it when they hit the road for an epic adventure.

This Maine road trip takes place along the coast to Acadia National Park, with an epic sunset view from Cadillac Mountain. Stops along the way on the Maine Coast include, Bald Head Cliff, Portland, Mount Desert Island.

If you are planning a trip to this part of the state at some point during the summer months, the Russo's are the perfect tour guides.

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