Fall in Maine is arguably one of the most beautiful times of the year. It's such a sight to see, in fact, that there are folks who come from all over the place to witness the leaves change color.

As someone who grew up here, I try to make a point, each fall, of taking a drive around the state, to do a little leaf-peeping myself. But it can be a challenge to take in all the sights while staying safely focused on the roads...especially when traveling with children.

However, I came across something several years ago that changed my leaf-peeping game forever: Fall Foliage Train rides.

There are a few working trains still in operation in the state of Maine, and they often host Fall Foliage tours, which start in September and usually go through Indigenous People's (what used to be Colombus) Day.


The Downeast Scenic Railroad offers a nice ride through Ellsworth. You can check out their website here.

Another great option is the Belfast & Moosehead Lake Railroad. 

I took the kids on one of these tours, with a local homeschool group, a few years back. It's still a trip they talk about, and I'll tell you what, being able to sit back and enjoy the view, without having to drive the roads, was just plain awesome.

Train Ride Foliage, Cori Skall
Train Ride Foliage, Cori Skall

We piled into one of the train cars and took our seats. The cool thing about trains is the enormous windows that provide the perfect view for anyone hoping to see fall in all its splendor. As you'll see, in the pictures below, the kids couldn't get enough of the sights.

It was like fall's version of the 4th of July! Nature was exploding with vibrant colors. The kids were "oohing and aahing". It was simply stunning and way more relaxing and enjoyable than driving myself since I could sit back and participate, rather than navigate.

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Life is short. Why not make some positive memories? You can tell how fascinated and captivated the kids were by the beauty of the world around them. I hope you're able to get out and enjoy fall in Maine, in whatever way you choo-choo-choose to!


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