This is a great way to explore the beauty of Maine!

Let's face it, this hasn’t exactly a dream year. Some of the usual activities we take for granted just aren't happening right now. If you are looking for a fun activity to share with friends and family, checking out Maine's historic lighthouses is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy some breathtaking views.

A YouTube user named Finding Lisa did just that. She decided to go on a tour of Maine's most iconic lighthouses, film all of them, and rank them.

Maine lighthouses have a long and rich tradition. On August 7th, 1789, Congress approved an act for the support of lighthouses, beacons, buoys and public piers, in 1989 to mark the 200th anniversary of this, a resolution was passed to declare August 7th as National Lighthouse Day.

Check out the video, which was shot using a DJI Osmo 4 Gimbal, and an iphone 11 Pro Max. Maybe the list of the Top 18 will inspire you to go on an adventure of your own before winter arrives.

1. Portland Head Lighthouse
2. Two Lights Lighthouse
3. Bug Light/ Portland Breakwater Lighthouse
4. Squirrell Point Lighthouse
5. Kennebec River Range Lighthouse
6. Doubling Point Lighthouse
7. Hendricks Head Lighthouse
8. Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse
9. Pemaquid Lighthouse
10 Marshall Point Lighthouse
11. Nubble Lighthouse
12. Goat Island Lighthouse
13. Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse
14. Prospect Harbor Lighthouse
15. West Quoddy Head Lighthouse
16. Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse
17. Owls Head Lighthouse
18. Lubec Channel Lighthouse

This list is massive, but here are Maine's 65 historic lighthouses:

  • Avery Rock Light
  • Machias
    (Machias Bay)
  • Baker Island Light
  • Cranberry Isles
    (Baker Island)
  • Bass Harbor Head Light
  • Tremont
    (Mount Desert Island)
  • Bear Island Light
  • Cranberry Isles
    (Bear Island)
  • Blue Hill Bay Light
  • Boon Island Light
  • York
    (Boon Island)
  • Browns Head Light
  • Vinalhaven
    (Browns Head)
    Burnt Coat Harbor Light
  • Swan's Island
    (Hockamock Head)
    Burnt Island Light
  • Boothbay Harbor
    (Burnt Island)
    Cape Elizabeth Lights
  • Cape Elizabeth
    (Casco Bay)
  • Cape Neddick Light
  • York
    (Cape Neddick)
  • Crabtree Ledge Light
  • Frenchman Bay
    (Crabtree Neck)
    Cuckolds Light
  • Boothbay Harbor
    (Cuckold Islets)
    Curtis Island Light
  • Camden
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Deer Island Thorofare Light
  • Stonington
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Dice Head Light
  • Castine
  • Doubling Point Range Lights
  • Arrowsic
    (Arrowsic Island)
    Doubling Point Light
  • Arrowsic
  • Eagle Island Light
  • Eagle Island
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Egg Rock Light
  • Frenchman Bay
  • Fort Point Light
  • Stockton Springs
    (Penobscot River)
  • Franklin Island Light
  • Franklin Island
    (Muscongus Bay)
  • Goat Island Light
  • Kennebunkport
    (Cape Porpoise)
  • Goose Rocks Light
  • North Haven
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Great Duck Island Light
  • Frenchboro
    (Great Duck Island)
  • Grindel Point Light
  • Islesboro
  • Halfway Rock Light
  • Casco Bay
  • Hendricks Head Light
  • Southport
    (Sheepscot River)
  • Heron Neck Light
  • Vinalhaven
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Indian Island Light
  • Rockport
  • Isle Au Haut Light
  • Isle au Haut
  • Ladies Delight Light
  • Winthrop, Maine
    (Lake Cobbosseecontee)
    Libby Island Light
  • Machiasport
    (Machias Bay)
  • Little River Light
  • Cutler
  • Lubec Channel Light
  • Lubec
  • Marshall Point Light
  • Port Clyde
  • Matinicus Rock Light
  • Matinicus Isle
  • Monhegan Island Light
  • Monhegan
    (Monhegan Island)
    Moose Peak Light
  • Mistake Island
  • Mount Desert Light
  • Mount Desert Rock
    (Near Mount Desert Island)
  • Narraguagus Light
  • Narraguagus Bay
  • Nash Island Light
  • Pleasant Bay
  • Owls Head Light
  • Owls Head
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Pemaquid Point Light
  • Bristol
  • Perkins Island Light
  • Georgetown
    (Perkins Island)
    Petit Manan Light
  • Milbridge
    (Petit Island)
  • Pond Island Light
  • Kennebec River
  • Portland Breakwater Light
  • South Portland
  • Portland Head Light
  • Cape Elizabeth
    (Casco Bay)
  • Prospect Harbor Point Light
  • Gouldsboro
    (Prospect Harbor)
  • Pumpkin Island Light
  • Deer Isle
    (Pumpkin Island)
    Ram Island Ledge Light
  • Cape Elizabeth
    (Casco Bay)
  • Ram Island Light
  • Boothbay Harbor
  • Rockland Harbor Breakwater Light
  • Rockland
  • Saddleback Ledge Light
  • Saddleback Ledge
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • Saint Croix River Light
  • St. Croix River
  • Seguin Light
  • Georgetown
  • Spring Point Ledge Light
  • South Portland
  • Squirrel Point Light
  • Arrowsic
    (Arrowsic Island)
    Tenants Harbor Light
  • St. George
    (Southern Island)
    Two Bush Island Light
  • Two Bush Island
    (Penobscot Bay)
  • West Quoddy Head Light
  • Lubec
  • Whaleback Light
  • Kittery
    (Piscataqua River)
  • Whitehead Light
  • St. George
    (Whitehead Island)
  • Whitlocks Mill Light
  • St. Croix River
  • Winter Harbor Light
  • Winter Harbor

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