No need to bring along the flashlight as you harvest the crops this coming week.

A very rare full Harvest Moon will take place this coming Monday night, September 20th.  Now according to the Farmers' Alamanac, a Harvest Moon is usually associated with the autumn equinox, but the way that things turn out this year it will be arriving two days sooner than the first official day of autumn, which is Wednesday, September 22nd.

More than often a season will hold three full moons, but sometimes four full moons will fall into one single season, as is the case this year.  The last full moon was in August, which was a Blue Moon because it was the third full moon of the season.

Way back when the harvest moon would alert Native Americans that it was time to harvest the crops, and the moon would hang like a lantern in the sky and allow them to do so.  As a matter of fact, dusk-to-dawn moonlight will take place a night or two on either side of a full Harvest Moon.

At this point in time, the National Weather Service is predicting that Monday night will be mostly clear with a low temperature of 57 degrees, which should give us all a very good look at the full Harvest Moon over Maine. So, find yourself a good vantage point high above the city lights to take it all in.

Unless of course, you want to harvest the crops under the light of a full Harvest Moon.

Stay In This Maine Airbnb Complete With A Caboose

This train is going nowhere and that's all right with us.

Wow, take a peek at this Airbnb listed at $140 a night in Knox, right down the road in Waldo County. This cool and unique little setting featuring a cabin and caboose is located on farmland and can sleep up to 8 people. With 3 bedrooms and two baths, it's listed at $140 a night and looks like it would be a whole lot of fun.

The caboose itself was a working train car and part of the Maine Central Railroad up until 1992. Just imagine the train workers that stayed within it and the miles that it racked up all across Maine.

How could you not love a stay where chances are that you may interact with an emu and a Great Pyrenees Belly dog?

And the caboose looks to come in real handy if you have kids, who can sleep there while you have the cabin all to yourselves!

95% of the guests that have stayed here have given it a 5-star rating so sign us up! Let's take a peek.

$3.5 Million Bar Harbor Estate For Sale Includes An Amazing Pool

The stuff that dreams are made of!

Wow, look at this huge solar-heated saltwater swimming pool, which is part of this $3.5 million dollar estate for sale located on the shore of Salsbury Cove in Bar Harbor. There's certainly enough room in it for all of your family and friends, and then some! Just imagine the pool parties that you could hold here. Where's that volleyball?

The property built in 2009 is located at 65 Shore Acres Road and consists of the main house and a couple of really nice seasonal guesthouses on 2.64 acres right on the shore. All total we're talking 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms and a total of 5,826 square feet. Pretty amazing, and that's what your guests are sure to say when they stop by to visit or to spend a few fun-filled and relaxing days by the ocean in Bar Harbor.

The property is listed for sale by Jamie O'Keefe on

Take A Look Inside The Least Expensive Home For Sale In Maine

Take a peek inside and out of this very slammin' and radical property, and if you find it to be totally off the hook, then hook up with the realtor for the lowdown.

Peek Inside The Most Expensive House Currently For Sale In Maine

This $10.5 million compound on Hope Island in Casco Bay is the stuff that dreams are made of. With expansive grounds, a couple of guest houses, a horse barn, and a dock that connects to deep water frontage, what more would one desire?







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