The following post contains SPOILERS for Spider-Man: No Way Home. If you don’t want to know those spoilers, you should not keep reading. That’s just common sense.

By now, record-breaking numbers of you have seen the new Spider-Man. And for the most part, people are really loving the movie. But people are also starting to dig into the plot of the movie and trying to see if the machinations used to bring together multiple Spider-Man universes full make sense. Does Doctor Strange’s spell operate the way he says it should?

Ehhhhhhhh sort of. In our latest Spider-Man video we answered YOUR questions from our YouTube channel about No Way Home. We break down Strange’s spell, look at which villains it brings into the MCU (and the villains it doesn’t), why Spider-Man doesn’t tell Peter and MJ the truth, why Peter stops using the Stark suit and goes back to a cloth costume, why Peter doesn’t use his celebrity status to clear, and lots more potential plot holes — and potential explanations for those plot holes. Watch it all below:

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