Don't worry, we didn't forget the classic from Drummond St. Hill in Bangor!

If you are a regular listener of The Z Morning Show, you know we love videos of people falling on icy surfaces. This morning in particular, we chatted about two young girls from Oklahoma, who struggled to stay upright while rolling a trash bin up her driveway.two

You may remember this one from 2014, it took place on Drummond Street Hill, right here in Bangor. An amused neighbor looking out his window takes video of a woman doing her best to not wipeout on that icy, steep hill. The best part is she somehow manages to hang on to her Dunkin Donuts coffee. Priorities.

This may be my favorite one ever! A guy headed to work shows incredible balance sliding down the driveway, but finally slides all the way down to the mailbox. I swear I watched this twenty times in a row once, and it just got funnier each time.

In this clip, a quote "Mean Daddy" gets a kick out of watching students slip and fall in the school parking lot.

There are so many good ones, so here is a compilation of hilarity.

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