Buxton Police have charged two people in a bizarre case that involved an alleged carjacking, theft of alcohol, and a suspect and victim who are actually engaged to be married.

The incident began when 35-year-old Devan Goodson of Lyman called Buxton Police just after 2:00 Monday afternoon. She told them she had been traveling on Main Street when she picked up a hitchhiker in the area of the Bar Mills bridge. She said as she and the man approached the Maine Street Variety, he asked her to stop at the store and she did.

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The man, later identified as 33-year-old Christopher Brosius of Hollis, went into the store, and then ran out moments later with two bottles of Fireball Whiskey. Goodson told police that Brosius then pulled a knife on her and told her to drive. He allegedly took her license, told her he knew where she lived, and threatened her if she called the cops. She went on to say that, at some point, the man had fled on foot across a field and into the woods. Goodson went to the police department and made a witness statement about the entire encounter. Meanwhile, police searched the area where she said the male suspect had run away, but there was no sign of him.

As part of the investigation, police viewed surveillance video from the store, and realized that Goodson appeared to be a willing participant in the theft. Officer James Bradbury called her for a follow-up interview and she admitted that Brosius is actually her fiance.

Goodson has been charged with filing a false report and unsworn falsification, while Brosius is charged with theft by unauthorized taking and violation of conditions of release.

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