At a time when most of the nation is distinctly divided on this election eve, there is one thing almost every American can agree on....Mondays suck! They are the worst! Especially a Monday after Daylight Saving Time. Mondays...Find me someone who opens their eyes and smiles widely when a Monday morning alarm goes off, and I will show you a liar!

And it always seems that on Mondays, nothing works, and everything goes completely to pot. Case in point, this morning: A typical Monday at my house. Wake up. Make a pot of coffee. Wake the kids up. Get breakfast on the table. I've already set out their clothes for the day, so all they have to do is get dressed, sit at the table and eat and then brush their teeth. I pour myself a cup of coffee, and leave it on the counter to cool for a minute while I  brush my daughters' hair.

But its Monday. So you know the universe likes to throw bowling balls at your best made plans today. Hear a crash in the kitchen and see a cat bomb out of there as fast as it could move. This is what I walked in to (after I had righted the mug, out of habit.)

Cori Skall

I start cleaning up the super sticky mess and holler to my kids to finish up and brush their teeth. I remind my daughter to grab her backpack off my bed, so the little one doesn't get in to it--because she likes to take the pencils out and draw on things that aren't paper.

The kids head out from the back of the house, throw on their coats and make their way to the van. I go to turn out lights they've left on and find this waiting for me in the bathroom...

Cori Skall

and this lovely piece of artwork on my bedspread...

Now, typically, one would find themselves at their wits end at this point. But I have learned a very important thing about Mondays, that has helped me tremendously through the years: You must "Embrace the Suck" as I like to say.

We all know Mondays suck. Its pretty much a fact. Like getting a shot, or ripping off a band-aid. The sooner you accept that its gonna be awful, the easier it is to handle. I expect Mondays to be terrible. That's why I wasn't surprised to find that my kids had not gotten into the van and buckled up, as I had asked them to do. They were instead, kicking soggy piles of dirty leaves at each other, and running around the house. Of course they were. And we were definitely going to be late. Because...Mondays.