The Eddington Fire Department is making special lock boxes available for purchase, to residents who want to make it easier for EMS personnel to access their homes, in case of an emergency.

According to the Eddington Fire Department Facebook Page, they encountered a situation just like this recently. They said in this case, a resident had called 911 but was unable to get to the door to unlock it for the first responders. The resident, in this case, had purchased a specialized lock box, so they were able to get into the house without breaking into the home and causing damage.

"The boxes are installed outside of the home near the front door with the spare key to the home locked securely inside. In the event of an emergency, fire and medical personnel will be able to gain access to your home without having to force entry, which could result in expensive damages. The boxes are specifically keyed for the Eddington Fire Department; therefore, only our fire personnel can open the lock box."

For those concerned about safety, the lock boxes are keyed specifically for the Eddington Fire Department, so only Fire Department personell will be able to open them

There are 3 different boxes to choose from, each running about $40 to purchase and install.

If you live in Eddington, and you're interested in purchasing a lock box, you can email or you can call the Eddington Fire Department at (207) 843-5251.

They do ask that you have a copy of your house key made, and ready to put into the box when they come to arrange to install it.

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