There are many costs associated with being able to access the internet: paying the monthly cost for internet provider, purchasing a device to get on the internet and even training to even know how to use it.

An organization out of Machias is looking to make the internet more accessible to those who can't or have a hard time affording it.

The organization is called the National Digital Equity Center and is offering no cost or low cost tablets and internet access for Mainer's with low to moderate income levels.

The project wants to allow residents a year of tablet use and cellular internet access in order to give the accessibility of the internet in more hands for those who may not be able to afford it. These offerings are being made to those with broadband access as well because of the additional costs of devices and monthly internet service, which can still be unaffordable for some low to mid-income earners.

The hope is to provide everything needed to someone who otherwise would be unable to afford to go online.

The National Digital Equity Center is also offering free tutoring for residents in the program.  There are regular webinars that you can sign up for as well, to learn more about how to use the internet.  You can request free tutoring and browse through the webinar events by visiting their 'Request for Tutoring' page on their website.

Connect with the organization by calling 259-5010 or emailing the center at and find out more about the National Digital Equity Center by visiting their website

If you or someone you know could benefit from the program you can also apply at the National Digital Equity Center website.

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