The weather is warming up, and a Dunkin' Iced Coffee or Cold Brew sure tastes good.

On May 26, when you grab your favorite Dunkin’ Iced Coffee or Cold Brew, you'll be supporting children and families throughout Maine helped by The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital.

That's right! Dunkin' Iced Coffee Day is back!

Dunkin’ franchisees in Maine and northern New Hampshire will donate $1 for every Iced Coffee and Cold Brew you buy on May 26 to The Barbara Bush Children’s Hospital at Maine Medical Center.

Here on the Z Morning Show, we run on Dunkin', and we're proud to tell you about this important fundraiser.

So, on May 26, be sure to grab your favorite, yummy Iced Coffee or Cold Brew and help support the families of the children served by this amazing facility right here in Maine.

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