As a Mainer, we value the beauty of Maine. And also as a Mainer, we know how to respect the land around us and that it takes many responsible people for our land to remain the spectacular wonder that it is. With that being said, it takes just a few people for opportunity to be taken away.

Information put out on Friday by the Maine Department of Agriculture, Conservation and Forestry's Bureau of Parks and Lands shared that a popular western spot in the state of Maine is now closed to visitors.

It was communicated in a release that ongoing abuse of the natural surroundings of Tumbledown Mountain by campers has led to banning camping altogether in this location. It was stated that 'misuse' has affected this location by past campers continually leaving equipment and pet and people feces as well as creating fire damage and cutting down trees, among other things.

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Tumbledown Mountain, located near Weld in Township 6, Maine, has 10 miles miles of trail networks that provide hikers with some difficulty in their adventures. It is a busy trail where you can see some incredible cliff views and climb some challenging summits.

The Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands Deputy Director, Bill Patterson, states that campers aren't following the rules and are "damaging fragile habitat and creating an unwelcoming environment for visitors." So, now, camping is closed for the mountain.

Tumbledown Mountain visits are meant to be for daily use on the trails. This location can't sustain with having overnight camping due to its thin soil, such as the case for Katahdin and Cadillac. Tumbledown Mountain has become inundated as a popular site for crowds of weekend campers who visit and create unauthorized fires as well as leave waste behind. The staff cannot keep up with cleaning up after people and the ecosystem is being disrespected. So, no more camping.

Area locations that have been suggested for overnight camping include Mt. Blue State Park and the Rangeley Lakes campgrounds.

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