Hey Drizzy? This isn't "God's Plan"

Being a music superstar comes with so many perks. You can afford the nicest homes, cars, restaurants, etc. This comes into play even more if you are a sports fan. Not only can Drake afford the best court side seats to watch his beloved Toronto Raptors play, but unlike other sports, in basketball, you can practically get ON the floor.

Last night as the Raptors took on Cleveland, Drake once again trash talked an opposing teams player, this time it was big Kendrick Perkins, who all of us Celtics fans will remember from the 2008 championship team. The funniest part of this exchange is that Perkins was on the bench in street clothes!

The list of NBA players Drake has barked at is pretty impressive, Lebron James, John Wall, Kevin Durant, and John Wall are just a few that come to mind. Take a look at some of Drake's greatest hits. Oh and Drizzy, by all means enjoy the game, but stay off the court dude.

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