Hockey fans and concert goers of Dover-Foxcroft and beyond.  Check out what is coming your way soon!

It was announced yesterday that the Libra Foundation will be building a state-of-the-art ice arena in Dover-Foxcroft.

The Libra Foundation is looking to build economic activity for the Piscataquis County region with this project.  The building will be adjacent to the Academy and serve the region and Foxcroft Academy students.  The facility will be also be managed by Foxcroft Academy, as well.

The new space will include an 80’x 200’ ice rink, four locker rooms, a pro shop, administrative space, approximately 250 second-story spectator seats and a concession area. New parking areas and bus accessibility will also be constructed.

Toby Nelson, local sports radio announcer, Maine radio legend and current Foxcroft Academy Director of Communications and Marketing, is seeing this building as an incredible asset for the region.

"[T]his is a building that we see being used year round," Nelson states.  "Of course, hockey and skating will dominate the winter months, but having a building of this size where the drained surface can be used for trade shows, concerts, and other activities can take place will only help our region."

The project will take 18 months and $5 million to compete.  All funds will be provided by the Libra Foundation.

The Libra Foundation was set up by Elizabeth Noyce in 1989 with a mission to make significant  contributions throughout the State of Maine with various projects and proportionally across Maine.  It's goals are to empower and enrich the people of Maine.


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