How could a town that hosts the Whoopie Pie Festival every June be boring? is an online magazine that doesn't think Dover-Foxcroft is very exciting. They broke down the list of the most boring town in the United States, and Dover came in at number one.

Their picks were based on a vareity of factors that include, population, night life and restaurants, and median age of it's residents.

The Z attends the Maine Whoopie Pie Festival each and every year, and we love it! And as for nightlife, The Bear's Den always features excellent live music. The Center Theatre For The Arts features flims, plays and plenty of other community events. Dover-Foxcroft is also nearby beautiful lakes that you can enjoy during the warmer months.

Last but not least, the town also has a Pat's Pizza, which we love. Don't dis Dover!

Be sure to come find us and say hello at this years Whoopie Pie Festival on June 22nd. check out this video from the 2018 event, it will show you how fun Dover-Foxcroft is!

Oh, and in case you didn't know, this "boring" town has its own rap video.

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