When I first heard about the new Dora The Explorer live-action movie, I thought it was a joke. Seriously. Probably because back in 2012, the website College Humor put out a spoof trailer of what a Live-Action Dora The Explorer movie would look like, and it's exactly what you would think; a ridiculous depiction of how making every toddler's favorite explorer and all her friends, including Swiper, Backpack and of course, Boots the monkey, into real-life characters would be nothing short of absurd. It's entertaining as a trailer, but I don't think anyone could really wrap their minds around making it into an actual movie. See for yourself.

Fast forward 7 years, and someone has actually done it! I've watched the trailer a dozen times, and I just don't get it. Now, full disclosure, my three-year-old is obsessed with both Dora and Diego (her animal rescuing cousin) so both shows are in pretty high rotation at my house. And I will forever think of them both as tiny kids. Their job is to teach simple concepts to toddlers. That's why they've lasted as long as they have. These characters are age-less.

When the cartoon version did age Dora, for her Dora and Friends series, the concepts were still pretty simple, and they did it in a way that kept the innocence, without making a mockery of it.

But the new film, put out by Nickelodeon, has a very different take on Dora. She's a teen now, and headed to high school, but super awkward, until of course she's dumped back into the jungle where she can miraculously shed her weird for awesome, and impress all the haters. Oh, and Eva Longoria and Michael Peña are her parents.

Here's a look at the new Dora, due out at the beginning of August. What are your thoughts?

Honestly, I'd probably have gone to see a movie like the one College Humor spoofed. I just can't take seriously what Nickelodeon has done to it.


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