This is the time of year that most Mainer's, and out-of-staters coming to Maine, enjoy camping.

Be sure to have a fun camping trip by bringing these items and keeping in mind these important tips to make sure mosquitos are the only thing you need to worry about on your summer adventure.

Item #1: Meat thermometer

We love our burgers when we go camping but it is important to make sure it is cooked to 160 degrees Fahrenheit.  This makes sure to kill bacteria in your food, like Salmonella or E. coli, that could cause a terrible camping experience.  If hot dogs are your camping food of choice, cook it until it's steaming.

Item #2: Canned Foods

If maintaining a cool container below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for your trip is not doable then just skip the coolers and go with canned food.  It makes things less complicated in the long run.

Item #3: Too Much Ice

If you have to bring perishables with you, you need to keep the temperature below 40 degrees Fahrenheit or you hit 'the danger zone'.  'The danger zone' is 40 degrees Fahrenheit and above and causes bacteria to multiply and increases the chance of your camping trip to become a true survivor story.  Frozen gel packs are also a good thing to use.

Also, the hotter it is outside the faster your food will spoil.  It's hot right now so be sure you have an ice source close by to stock your cooler constantly.

Item #4: At Least Two Coolers

If you do camp with perishable items, it is recommended that you have your drinks and snacks separate from your perishable items.  This helps keep the perishable items cooler from being opened more than it needs to, helping maintain a cold environment for your items longer.

Item #4: Disposable Wipes + Soap

Clean your hands easy, and reduce germs at your campsite, with the convenience of disposable wipes and perhaps some biodegradable soap.

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