Hey Maine! Donate to this worthy cause

The last twelve months have been a difficult task for just about everyone, but it goes without saying that there are people here in Maine who are really struggling and not just because of the pandemic. With this is mind, a Maine based organization has come up with a great idea to help our fellow Mainers in need.

The Maine Dental Association will be assembling cleaning and basic hygiene kits for those in need, and will donate those kits to nonprofit organization Maine Needs, which strives to help communities provide basic necessities.

Maine Needs focuses its work on those starting life over from scratch, including domestic abuse survivors, asylum seekers and those facing financial hardships. The organization partners with schools, caseworkers, nurses and other nonprofits to provide material resources. And just a couple bucks, or whatever you can donate, can make a difference right here in our community.

The Maine Dental Association is asking for your help to put together as many cleaning and basic hygiene kits for Maine Needs as we can. The kits include:

All purpose spray Toilet bowl cleaner
Dish soap
Pack of sponges
Laundry detergent
Hand/body soap
Trash bags
Broom and dust pan

They have created an informative video that describes the types of products the Maine Dental Association is hoping to collect. The kits will be donated to the nonprofit organization Maine Needs

Maine Needs A Smile will be accepting your donations from Monday, March 29th, till Friday, April 2nd!

For more information, go to www.medental.org/meneedsasmile

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