Caleb Hayes is way more man than I am, even at 17.

I read about Caleb's story in the BDN, and it's amazing. He's already pretty badass being a musher. I can barely control my own dog, let alone a whole team of dogs. He's been training hard for a big race coming up, but even all that barely begins to describe this tough-as-nails kid.

Earlier this week, he was training his dogs and got into a situation no one would ever want to find themselves in... He was face to face with a big moose cow, that was not in the least bit happy. The cow was angry and scared and taking it out on the dogs in the kennel on the Hayes family property.

Angry moose are no frikkin' joke.

I always laugh when I see people on Facebook or Reddit that are from away, and always ask where they can go see a moose. We locals know that it's a bad plan to go looking for moose when you're not hunting them. They're unpredictable, and frankly, they're huge. No one should mess with a potentially angry giant, right?

Caleb and his dad did no such thing. His dad saw the moose first back at their property, and it was attacking other dogs and puppies, and trashing the kennel. All attempts to scare the moose away with the sled team and a snowmobile weren't successful. It was only a last resort to take the animal down, as it wouldn't stop its attack.

17-year-old Caleb is the one who pulled the trigger to save his team.

Caleb's dad sent him after a gun to deal with the moose, and Caleb's first shot from the 30.06 kicked the gun right back in his face, bloodying him. But he got off a second shot and took the cow down. The game warden was called, and the warden officially put the poor cow out of its misery.

Neither father nor son was remotely happy it came down to this, but there were no other options, which was supported by wardens after they were contacted by the Hayes's. Ultimately, they were given the moose by wardens, and father and son field dressed the moose.

It's quite the insane tale. And the entire time I was reading about it, all I could think about was how ridiculously not tough I am. I'm just a soft, lazy DJ who talks smack all day. But good for Caleb, and to his dad too, for keeping a clear head and doing what they had to do to protect themselves and their dogs.


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