You may have noticed many chimneys on old houses along the Penobscot River have chimneys painted white, but did you know why?

Amanda McDonald
Amanda McDonald

While some homes along the river in Maine have painted their chimneys white for appearance, others have historic Tory chimneys. One place you will notice quite a few white chimneys is along Route 1A through Hampden and Winterport.

This area was once at war with the British and the homes and families were in danger during the Battle of Hampden. It is said that New England residents adopted these Tory Chimneys as a way to show loyalty to the British so their homes would be safe and their families spared.

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Some white chimneys may mean something completely different because during the Underground Railroad many houses adopted landmarks or special signals to alert slaves of a hiding spot, which included white chimneys.

So next time you drive 1A towards Frankfort from Bangor try to find the white chimneys and wonder what a history that home must have!

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