It is hard to disconnect completely from modern conveniences. So when you go camping is it really camping? Or are you "glamping?"

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Maine is one place people still know how to get away and camp like the campers before us. But more people are finding it hard to leave behind all modern technology and more are glamping! Glamping is basically more glamorous camping (get it?).

We took a look at a list from to learn the differences between the two. Turns out we may be more glamper than we thought!

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Major differences are things like what you sleep in? Is it a camper bigger than most Manhattan apartments or are you pitching a cozy, simple tent? Do you do your doo in a restroom or behind a tree? Do you cook on a stove or over a wood fire? Do you have electricity? See the full list of differences here.

And then, there's Tom Haverford's (from Parks and Recreation) idea of camping below.

So we want to know if we are the only ones who can't disconnect completely.