A fish and a moose walked into a bar.

It's a bird, it's a plan, it's a feathered moose?

Ok, I'm done with the jokes but who knew that all Moose did not look alike? They can be many colors or patterns like albino or piebald, blonde, spotted, feathered, or even scaled!

Moose are grand beings and are very compelling no matter what color or pattern they are but since we're on the subject of moose fashion, a very unique moose was spotted in Piscataquis County, Monday the 26th.

According to Bangor Daily News, Registered Maine Guide, Larry Gooding located a peculiar moose. The moose had two different colored streaks of hair that laid directly down its back. Sounds like the moose got highlights.

Apparently, this is and can be rare however, the video footage of the event is extremely grainy so it's hard to see whether this is a genetic mutation that can sometimes cause color changes on these cows, or not. This mutation is called being Piebald or also referred to as Albino. What's even more interesting is Piebald moose have pigmented spots on white background hair with feathers or scales.

I like to think that the moose just wanted a new look. Maybe it's trying to impress a young buck that never noticed them? And now they can get her attention because blondes have more fun.

Bangor Daily News goes on to say that they spoke to a moose biologist and because he can't see the picture of the animal in the video clearly, he can't make any accurate comments on what's happening but did offer up some information on how he does see moose in Maine with a level of white in their hair.

Even if you're a Mainer, you will still become astonished and overtaken by these noble animals. If you're lucky enough, you'll be visited by one in your lifetime, maybe they'll even have feathers or scales.

It makes me think of this one time when we first moved to Maine and my mother ran after a moose in the backyard in her nightgown, very early in the morning with a disposable camera, trying to get a shot for us kids. She wasn't aware that at any time that huge animal could've probably crushed her just by one hoof. We weren't Mainers then, but now, we are and know better than to chase a moose.

A moose is one animal that you can feel the power radiating off. I would feel very lucky to visited by this animal so, no matter what type of moose you are, you are welcome to graze my backyard any time you want.

Just let me know first so that I can make sure you don't eat my cat Benedict. Thanks!

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