The State Fire Marshal’s Office and state and local police responded to a Topsham neighborhood Wednesday night after the discovery of a military training device that resembled a bazooka shell, police said.

Residents of more than a dozen condominiums off Monroe Lane were asked to stay in their homes for several hours while crews recovered the device, which was found by someone walking in the area.

The bomb team took the device to Crooker’s Construction, about a half-mile away. The team used it’s remote controlled robot to remove the device, and it was transported in a trailer specially built for such devices.

The nearly 2-foot-long shell was used by the military for training and did not contain any explosive material, the release said.

Fire marshals suspect the device was left there by someone who did not know what to do with it.

Investigators say if you find a similar device, you should call police so it can be properly disposed of without disturbing residents in surrounding neighborhoods.

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