The Lincoln County Sheriff's Office is hoping to hear from anyone with information about an accident in Dresden that claimed the life of a 40-year-old pedestrian.

Officials say Eve Russell-Edmonds of Woolwich was walking along Route 127, also known as the Middle Road, in Dresden just after 5:00 Friday evening. About a quarter-mile south of the Indian Road intersection, she was struck and killed by a vehicle driven by Matthew LaRochelle, 44, of Richmond. Investigators told WABI-TV the driver was unable to see the woman, prior to the crash, because she was wearing dark clothing. Speed and alcohol are not believed to have been factors in this accident.

Sheriff's deputies were already nearby, after receiving complaints about someone walking in the road on Route 127. They checked the area reported to them, which was about four miles from the crash site, but found no evidence of a pedestrian.

Now, officials are hoping to hear from anyone who may have witnessed the accident, or who may have seen the woman walking on Route 127 between 3:00 and 5:15 Friday afternoon. They would also like to hear from anyone who may have given her a ride, because they say she would have been unable to cover that distance in such a short amount of time. Anyone who thinks they have information pertinent to this case is asked to call the Lincoln County Sheriff's Office at 882-7332 or email

This accident remains under investigation.

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