If big businesses can get stimulus relief, why can't kid entrepreneurs?

A summertime rite of passage has taken a back seat to COVID-19 this year. Just about every single kid at some point had a lemonade stand to make some extra dough. In fact, a few months back, on The Z Morning Show we spoke with Althea Nash, a little girl from Brewer, who for two days made and sold lemonade at her home. Not only did she learn the ins-and-outs of the business of a lemonade booth, but she is also used the funds collected to donate to a friend of her mom who was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer. Sarah even went and met her, and bought a cup. She ended up raising over $1200!

With the world such a drastically different place right now, Country Time Lemonade is offering up a "bailout" for all those kids who won't be able to sit out in the hot sun and sell a cold, refreshing treat to customers.

The "Littlest Bailout" program serves up a check for a cool hundo to any kid who is under the age of 14, and are not able to have a lemonade stand due to COVID-19 concerns this year. It's a pretty easy process to enter, just submit an essay about how you would take that sweet hundred dollar check and spend it, plus a photo of the sign you would use to promote your stand. Sounds pretty easy, and it might be a nice way to soften the blow of not being able to do it at all.

Applications will be accepted until August 14th! Just go to countrytimebailout.com

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