Steven Boddy and his family have lived on Garland Road in Corinth since 2018. And in that time they have only ever had about five trick-or-treaters come by their house on Halloween.

"We're kind of rural. We're out there. But this year we're just hoping to get some kids. Because kids today are losing trick-or-treating, and we want them to enjoy going out, seeing the cool displays that are around. Because that's part of the fun of the holidays."

To entice more people to venture further out into the rural areas this Halloween, Boddy and his family came up with a plan to put together a Halloween holiday lights display worthy of a drive outside of town.


"Covid-19 has us all bored at the house, so I saw the videos online of other people doing this, and thought we'd see what we could do. We started in January, and my kids helped me out...What we came up with is a show that does six songs, with a singing pumpkin, lights [about 1500 of them] that are programmed to the music."

Boddy's Holiday Lights Display is located at 99 Garland Road in Corinth, and folks who pull up in front of the house can listen to the different songs by programming their vehicle radios to 92.1 FM.


The display runs nightly from about 6:30 PM to 9 PM, but Boddy says they plan to open it up earlier on Sunday evening and add some projection elements to the mix.

"On Halloween, we're gonna open it up and have a speaker outside so that kids can hear the music and come trick-or-treating and get some candy. Hopefully, it's gonna be a fun time."

Boddy says the neighbors have enjoyed having the light show this year, and have been very gracious with folks pulling up along the street.

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"When you look at the videos, it doesn't even come close to seeing it in person. When the lights are going and you hear the music. It just makes you happy. It brings out the joy in everybody."

Because the displays run mostly on LED lights, Boddy says he hasn't really seen a hit to his electric bill, which is good, considering he hopes to add at least another 500 lights and switch out some elements this Christmas.

Here's a taste of what you can expect if you head to Corinth this Halloween weekend.

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