This week one of the biggest names in pop music teamed up with one biggest names in the coffee industry to announce the creation of a hybrid signature drink. Ariana Grande herself took to social media to announce the release her new Cloud Macchiato drinks, which are described by the creators as "an airy microfoam frothed colt and blended until smooth, creating layers of creamy texture and flavor, without the cream."

In the name of investigative journalism, or just plain need to satisfy curiosity, I had to see what the buzz was about. So I headed out towards Hogan Road to see if I could taste-test one. After sitting in a line of over a dozen cars, for almost half-an-hour, I pulled up to order, only to be met with a sticker placed over the Cloud Macchiato option that read "Sorry, we're all out." (I have been told by insiders that that sticker is actually just frozen to the board, and not actually accurate.)

Thankfully, they did actually have the fixings to make me one. Here's my opinion.

Along with the new drinks, the pop star said that the coffee shops will also be playing a special Ariana Grande playlist. Apparently its all being rolled out as some sort of special thing for International Woman's Day?! Not sure how any of this all fits together, aside from the fact that she's a chick. But to each her own, I guess.

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