Congratulations to former Nokomis High School and 2022 Maine Gatorade Basketball Player of the Year, Cooper Flagg, who was named to the 2nd Team High School All-American Basketball Team. Quite the honor, when you remember that Flagg is just a sophomore at Montverde Academy in Florida.

Selected to the 1st Team were

  • Cameron Boozer - '25 Christopher Columbus High School, Duke commit
  • Isiaiah Collier - '23 Wheeler High School, USC commit
  • Justin Edwards -'23 Imhotep Institute, Kentucky commit
  • Ron Holland - '23 Duncanville, University of Texas commit
  • DJ Wagner - '23 Camden - Kentucky commit

2nd Team selections

  • Cooper Flagg - '25 Montverde High School, uncommitted
  • Matas Buzelis - '23 Sunrise Christian - professional commit
  • Stephon Castle - '23 Newton - UConn commit
  • Dylan Harper - '23 Don Bosco Prep - uncommitted
  • Cody Williams - '23 Perry High School - Colorado commit
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