I'm not gonna lie. Sometimes my dog can be a jerk.

I also believe I have the best boy of all time, so I guess I can be easily swayed from one minute to the next about the realities of his behavior. But there's one time he's always guaranteed to be an absolute mess... When a package is delivered to my house. Like a lot of dogs, he loses his frikkin' mind if someone pulls in the driveway.

I'm sure delivery drivers have seen it all when it comes to unruly pets. I can't really leave my dog outside unattended because he's an escape artist. So a driver is never in any danger whatsoever of being bitten by my dog. But, when a driver approaches my doorstep, Neko sounds like the most vicious attack dog ever. It's out of control.

He sounds like an absolute hound of hell.

No joke. Not only does he bark in the most alarming way possible, but he also snarls in between barks in a way that makes him sound like a dog 8 times his size, and that spit and foam must be frothing from his mouth. In reality, he sounds like that, but his tail is wagging and he really just wants to make a new friend.

I've seen the reaction of drivers as they come up the steps. They look occasionally look like they fear he may somehow come through the door. But not the UPS guy that came last week. He's been out our way a few times now, and he's begun doing the most awesome thing.

This guy knows the way to my dog's heart is through his belly.

The last few times he's come to our house, he's left a dog treat on the box. And last time, he even left a little Post-It note that said, "I bet he's a good boy!" Even though he's never met my dog, he's seen Neko checking him out from his perch in a chair by the window. This same driver has even tooted to him on the way out.

You know, you can donate money to charity, you can donate your time to great causes and all that, but this is the kind of thing that really makes the world go round. Maybe he does it for every dog on his route. That doesn't make it less awesome, it makes it more awesome. If only we could all think more like this random UPS guy...


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