Right now, Maine's water is a nearly freezing 39-degrees Fahrenheit which you would think would be too cold for a quick dip in a lake.  But, apparently, some people are taking that temperature as a challenge in the latest pandemic trend that is taking the body to it's brink.

The latest pandemic trend has people swimming in natural bodies of water and taking a shocking lap in cold water.  It's simply called 'Cold water swimming' or 'winter bathing' and groups of people are donning their swimsuits or wetsuits, running in and getting wet in super cold water.

The trend seems to stem from shocking the body and feeling exhilarated as a way to wash away the mundane, boring and depressing state of the world during the pandemic.  People look forward to gathering up the courage to jump in and say it breaks up the monotony of the pandemic while boosting their mental and physical selves.

Whether there is actual evidence of health benefits, there are some claims but too little research for concrete fact on that one.

Choose your method of cold water emersion: a quick dip, a few laps or a long swim. But, do know that this shock to the system could cause some 'shocking' reactions from the body including hypothermia, heart attacks and drowning.

So, if you plan on taking a dip here in the cold waters of Maine, bring a friend or two and be sure you got the car running.

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