If your last few neighborhood jogs left you running on fumes, Cody Simpson and O.A.R. frontman Marc Roberge are pushing to get you across the finish line in record time.

To pay tribute to this summer's Special Olympics World Games—which kick off July 25 in Los Angeles—the pop act and the rock star joined forces to record "#ReachUp," a get-your-juices-flowing anthem that also features athlete and singer Breanna Bogucki and viral sensation Madison Tevlin.

The tune, which plays like the auditory bottling of a year's worth of sunshine, pairs footage of the artists in the studio against reels that find competitors threading through the uneven bars, barreling down a track's straightaway and triumphantly standing atop podiums as decorated winners. "Everyone reach up, put your hands together / Don't give up, climb forever," the group preaches, like a set of seasoned motivational speakers. We believe!

The group said on Good Morning America earlier today that it had been a privilege to create the tune, which is a reworked version of O.A.R.'s "Two Hands Up." "To do it for something as positive and uplifting as this whole thing has just been unreal," Simpson shared before he and his fellow performers dove into an a capella rendition.

Feeling inspired? Ready to take on the world? Check out the video, and keep in mind that Coca-Cola will donate a dollar to the Special Olympics with every share!

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