Here’s to Monday morning and we are all saying

It was a great weekend. Just an hour too short

Clocks go forward. We lose an hour as we 'Spring ahead' Saturday night into Sunday Morning.

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Maybe it will be the last time we change clocks, since the bill has been brought up again this year in the House, and also  in the Senate, but a betting man would need pretty good odds to make the bet that it passes this year. But who really knows. This is not the first time it has been proposed on the national level but it wasn’t voted on last year in the House before expiring.

But maybe it is time to give it stronger consideration.

Lots of sleep studies that say many people have difficulty in the adjustment springing forward, or falling back. Actually, the percentage is staggering. One in every four have trouble sleeping when the clocks move forward, or backward.

It is a tough thing to try to convince your body that it’s bedtime an hour before your mind says what time is really bedtime.

Makes sense that lots of us lose sleep when the clocks change.

And that the majority of us would rather avoid the switching of the clocks back and forth every six months.

SIphotography, Getty Stock/ThinkStock
SIphotography, Getty Stock/ThinkStock

A study by the National Institutes of Health found that physical health problems are reality and they include strokes, heart attacks, accidents and changes in mood.

The study says Circadian biologists believe ill health effects from Daylight saving time result from a mismatch among the sun’s clock impacts our social clock – like work and school schedules ‘ and the body’s internal 24 hour body clock.

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So get ready for Monday moaning, at least for this year. We’ll see if on November 5th we are going back to Standard Time or if Daylight Saving Time is the new 'only' time.

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