According to the Bangor Daily News, a recent Brewer city planning board meeting has voted to grant approval for the building of a solar array in the Penobscot County town with plans to be useable by the beginning of 2023.

The solar array is planned to be built on Wiswell Road, a less populated road of the town that runs parallel to its southern border across from Orrington.

The project is said to include rotating solar tracking so, as the sun moves the solar panels will follow the light source to gather energy. The system is said to generate 5 megawatts.

The different entities a part of this project include Maine DG Hold Co., a Maine-based limited-liability company incorporated in 2020, Stantec, an international design firm, and Longroad Energy, a renewable energy company a business with offices in Boston, San Francisco, and Portland, Maine.

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As for the next steps of the project, it now needs to be okayed with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection.

Two nearby alternative energy projects have recently been approved by the Maine Public Utilities Commission include a wind farm in Clifton that will generate 20 megawatts and a solar project in Hancock that will generate 100 megawatts, according to the Ellsworth American. The Hancock project will be completed by Three Rivers Solar and has received approval from the state whereas the Clifton wind project is still undergoing review for approval by the Maine Department of Environmental Protection. These projects would be selling power to Versant, a Canadian company, and be contracted for 20 years to sell energy to Versant.

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