It's always neat to see folks with ties to New England, and more specifically to Maine, gain National recognition for things. Take Taylor Momsen, for instance. She had been coming to Maine since she was a kid. Even as her career as an actress started to take off, she continued visiting the state that she loved. And after she branched out into Rock N Roll, she decided to finally get a place of her own, here in Maine, and put down some roots.

About 11 years ago, after success in both the movie version of "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas" and some television success with the teen-pop show, "Gossip Girl" Momsen joined forces with some other musicians from the New England area, and they created the band "The Pretty Reckless." Since coming together, they've released a handful of albums. Their most recent one, "Death By Rock N Roll" was made at Halo Studios right in Portland.

According to a recent interview with New Center Maine, Momsen and the band also used Maine producer Jonathan Wyman to create their new sound.

Normally "The Pretty Reckless" would be on tour, supporting their new album, but like every other band in the world, News Center found out that Coronavirus changed those  plans.

"They were planning to hit the road with rock heavy-hitters like Pearl Jam, The Foo Fighters, and Guns and Roses. But COVID-19 has forced the postponement of the tour, and the full album hasn't been released yet. "


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