The following post contains a small SPOILER for Loki Episode 5. And by small, we mean it refers to a tiny frog with the power of Thor.

The penultimate episode of Loki was littered with Marvel Easter eggs, as Loki and Sylvie wandered “The Void,” a place at the end of time filled with the detritus of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The highlights included a “Qeng Tower” and a Thanos helicopter. The cameos included an appearance by “Throg,” the version of the God of Thunder who also happens to be a frog. (Comics are weird.)


Ah, but did you know that this Easter egg was secretly a double Easter egg? That’s because the noises poor old Throg makes as he struggles to break free from his glass jar prison aren’t provided by a random voice actor. They were actually performed by the real (“real”) Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth. That’s what Loki director Kate Herron told the For All Nerds Show.

“We recorded Chris Hemsworth for that,” Herron laughed. “That’s new recording of Chris Hemsworth ... [Throg’s] voice when he’s like ‘Aaaaa!’ That’s like a whole new recording. Not recycled.”

As fun as the moment was when it was just a surprising cameo, Throg’s role is even better with that additional context. The whole concept of the character originates in a Thor comic storyline where the God of Thunder transforms into a frog. So Hemsworth providing Throg’s toad-like moaning is not only funny, it reinforces the notion that The Void is where these poor variants go to live out eternity. There’s some alternate reality out there somewhere in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that is without its Thor now because he got frogified and erased by the TVA.

The season finale of Loki premieres on Wednesday on Disney+.

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Loki: The Coolest Episode 5 Easter Eggs

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