Two of the biggest names in R&B music make big returns to the airwaves this week, and they are brand new to Z-107.3!

It's been quite awhile since Chris Brown has had a pop hit. He is back with "Go Crazy" and has some help from rapper Young Thug. The song is taken from their joint mixtape Slime & B.

Brown and his daughter Royalty started a dance challenge for the song called "#GoCrazyChallenge" after it started getting popular on streaming services. The challenge sees a person dancing on the sidewalk outside a slowly moving car. Check out her video too, She's got some pretty sweet moves.

Drizzy is back! "Laugh Now Cry Later" is his latest and features vocals from Lil Durk. It’s the first tune to drop from Drake's upcoming sixth studio album "Certified Lover Boy" Back in August 12, 2020, Drake posted a clip of himself and another person riding jet skis at night on his social media Turns out it was part of the video also for the song.

One of the things I love about Harry Styles is that he really stands out from other current male pop singers. He has a little bit of that old school 70’s/80’s rock star swagger that is sorely missing these days.

The biggest hit of 2020 without a doubt has been “Watermelon Sugar”, which has ruled the charts for months and months. Well, now it’s time for the follow-up. "Golden" is the third single from his second studio album “Fine Line”

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