From 1978, till now, the Bangor Mall has been a mainstay here in the area

Although it has fallen on hard times, the Bangor Mall has been an iconic location for many, many years.

It was inevitable, when the rise of the big box stores like Target and Walmart took over the world, then leading to the online shopping phenomenon of Amazon all across the world, that the days of the local malls in America were numbered.

A YouTuber named Rocky Acres has put together an amazing look at the past, present, and possible future of this once-thriving building.

Bangor Mall is a 60-acre shopping mall located off the Stillwater Avenue exit on Interstate 95, it serves as a shopping center for the surrounding Bangor area
The Bangor Mall has housed current stores including JCPenney and Dick's Sporting Goods. Previous anchors include Sears, which closed in 2018, Macy's (originally Filene's which opened in 1998), which closed in 2017 and became Furniture Mattress, and Porteous, which closed in 2003.

Bangor Mall is managed by Namdar Realty Group, who acquired the mall for $12.6 million in 2019 after Simon Property Group defaulted on an $80 million loan.[3]
Built in 1977 on a former dairy farm and opened in October 1978, Bangor Mall was once the epicenter of Bangor business.

I have found memories of hanging out at Spaceport, playing video games, hitting the food court, then just cruising around looking for god knows what.

Where does Bangor Mall go from here? That is to be determined, but this documentary will bring back a few memories of when it was on top.

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