It’s almost time to do some leaf peepin’!

Yeah, maybe we are putting the cart ahead of the horse here, but believe it or not, the start of fall officially arrived on Saturday, and that means the beauty of Maine will be front and center before a long and dreary winter punches us all in the gut.

Fall is a great time to get outdoors, take in some fresh air and enjoy the amazing and colorful foliage here in Maine. Our state parks, mountains, farms and the coast are the ideal setting for leaf peeping. Where are the best places to see the most amazing fall colors? So glad you asked!

• Southern Maine - Mid-Coast and South Coastal Maine, including Rockland, Camden, Portland, Kennebunkport and Kittery
• Eastern & Downeast Maine- Includes Houlton, Millinocket, Calais, Machias, Bar Harbor, and Penobscot Bay
• Central Maine- Central and Southwestern Maine, including Bangor, August, and Fryeburg
• Western Maine- Western Mid-Maine, including Greenville, Rangeley, and Bethel
• Northern Maine- Fort Kent, Caribou and Presque Isle

In the fall, color will progress from north to south, Northern Maine is at or near peak conditions the last week of September, into the first week of October. Central and the western mountains of Maine are at or near peak during Indigenous Peoples' Day week. Coastal and southern Maine will reach peak or near peak conditions during mid-to-late October.

You can check out everything you need to know, including travel & visitor information, and even sign up for weekly fall foliage updates at

The first foliage report for the 2023 season has already been released! Get ready to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year here in Maine, and get inspired by these beautiful videos!

Best Leaf Peeping Spots for Maine Fall Foliage

Maine offers a killer fall that’s hard to beat. Here's a list of some iconic places in Maine for leaf peepin' this season.

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