When the heat hits, ya gotta get creative!

It goes without that saying that the last few days have been pretty brutal. With temps in the low 90's and a heat index and humidity way, way, way off the charts and into ridiculously uncomfortable territory, Mainers had to get creative when it came to getting cool. I think I personally drank more water in the last two days, than I had the previous month. Things are finally cooling off today, but for a period of about 48 hours, we were knee deep in a text book case of "Heat Wave" and with that comes the challenge of finding a way get some relief, by any means possible.

On the social media app, Reddit, you will find all sorts of amusing pictures and videos, and there is a section that is specific to the state of Maine. I check it out just about every day, and yesterday, I came across something that sounds very refreshing, but maybe a little dangerous. The Reddit user who posted the video decided to put a fan out in the backyard, and set up a garden hose with cold water to spray through it. I wouldn't recommend you try this one at home, but I can imagine for a brief time, it was a very satisfying way to cool off for a few minutes. However, I would not want to be the one who has the task of unplugging the fan.

With all that having been said, we are finally cooling off the next few days, so enjoy the return to normalcy!

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