As of last week, the Maine Public Utilities Commission has started to look into how Maine has to change it's electrical grid for the future of the State's needs.

A new effort is being put forth for a major energy overhaul, turning the electrical grid into one that will rely more on renewable energies. The goal is to 'decarbonize' Maine's regional economy by encouraging power sources that don't pollute.

Changing energy sources have moved consumer products toward electrifying the heating and transportation economies.  A more dependable need on electricity is happening and will only progress more into the future.

Currently electrical producing in Maine comes from hydroelectric dams, oil and gas fired plants and nuclear stations and a major overhaul is needed to meet the growing need to move away from these polluting energy sources while bolstering the electrical grid for growing consumption in alternative energy producers

The state is seeing many things on the horizon when it comes to the future needs of the electrical grid here in Maine, including:

  • more distribution resources
  • batteries for energy storage
  • more electricity is needed to power consumer alternatives like heat pumps and electric vehicles.

Right now analysis is underway to see what we have for our existing electrical system then consulting engineers and other outside consultants to modernize what we have. Changes will be needed that include infrastructure, design and policies. Future improvements need to bolster reliability of the electrical grid and the cost for building and maintaining added structure.

The Maine Public Utilities Commission states that changes will be coming quickly and need to get going since consumers and industries have already started rolling. Consumers are purchasing greener products such as heat pump technologies and purchasing electric vehicles. Industries are moving into the State of Maine, as seen by the boon of solar power producers.


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