We are beyond lucky to have some of the most scenic views in the world!

National Mountain Day is celebrated on August 11. This is a relatively new holiday. The idea behind it is a reminder to not take for granted the beauty that surrounds us, and to explore nature, especially here in the state of Maine, where we have an abundance of visual delights. This holiday originated in Japan, but you can observe the day with a hike on one of Maine’s mountains and trails.

As of right now, you can travel to Maine without providing a negative Covid-19 test, or proof of vaccination. Plan a hike on any of the many mountains in Maine, but here are the 10 highest in the state. Don’t worry if you can’t make it all the way to the top, there is still plenty of scenery to enjoy

1. Mount Katahdin

The granddaddy of them all. It is the highest peak in Maine, Mount Katahdin reaches 5,267 feet into the sky at Baxter State Park

2. Sugarloaf Mountain

At 4,240 feet, Sugarloaf is Maine’s second tallest peak. And of course, it is home to the best skiing in the state.

3. Old Speck Mountain

Old Speck is the state’s third-highest peak at 4,180 feet. It is part of Grafton Notch State Park near the town of Newry, Maine

4.Crocker Mountain

At 4,228 feet, Crocker Mountain is Maine’s fourth highest peak. Located in Carrabassett Valley, the only trail to the summit of this mountain is part of the Appalachian Trail

5. Bigelow Mountain

Located at Flagstaff Lake, Bigelow consists of six peaks, the highest reaching 4,150 feet.

6. North Brother Mountain

Located near Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park, North Brother stands tall at 4,143 feet.

7. Saddleback Mountain

At 4,116 feet, Saddleback Mountain in Rangeley also features some of Maine’s best skiing options.

8. Mount Abram

Mount Abraham’s summit is 4,049 feet high and is easily visible in Kingfield.

9. The Horn

The Horn is very close to Saddleback and reaches a height of 4,023 feet.

10. Mount Redington

And rounding out the Top 10, Mount Reddington has a 4,010-foot elevation.

Get outside, enjoy the fresh air, and take advantage of National Mountain Day here in Maine!

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