What could this strange creature possibly be? The photo is leaving many fishermen and wildlife enthusiasts in the Hudson Valley wildlife enthusiast scratching their heads. The strange image was captured in a swamp deep in the Catskills in Wurtsboro, New York near Middletown.

When they reboot The X-Files I think it's safe to say that Mulder and Scully have few mysteries to look into around here. I'm starting to think that we live in the valley of the weird because of the things just keep getting stranger and stranger around here.

Recently a deer-headed fox was spotted in a local resident's backyard. It looked like a ritual was happening on the Dutchess Rail Trail. Unknown fish are washing up.

Just a few weeks ago a bizarre beam of light appeared on the side of the road here in the Hudson Valley.

Now one Hudson Valley resident is wondering what she saw in a swamp.

The picture first popped up in a local Hudson Valley community group. The lady that posted it noticed the bizarre thing moving in the waters of The Basha Kill Marsh in Sullivan County. She stated in the post that she was clueless as to what the creature could be but whatever it was it was scary looking.

One person speculated that it was a beaver. Someone else thought it could be a lamprey.

The most logical guess from the thread was that it was the tail of a giant salamander. It sounds ridiculous but there actually is species of giant salamanders that are native to this region. They are also called 'hell bender' salamanders.

Many fishermen on the thread confirmed that they have caught several prehistoric looking fish at The Basha Kill Marsh.

What do you think the thing is that's in the picture? Is it some weird sea creature or is there a much easier explanation?

Is this the Hudson Valley's version of the Loch Ness monster? Is this the beast of Basha Kill?

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