Oh my. That’s cruel.  But for a good cause.

It’ll be #2 on Your Ex #1’s photo in the 2nd Annual "From Love To Litter" Waterville Humane Society Fund Raiser

Let’s get all lovey-dovey, for Valentine’s Day coming up Monday. Or Not.

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Actually, this is going on for the entire month of February, so why wait? All it takes is a donation to The Humane Society of Waterville Area and that’ll get your ex’s name into the cat’s litter box.

Are they doing photos too? Cause they should be a much larger donation.

Revenge with a need for some counseling maybe.

And for the truly curious on Valentine’s Day on Monday the Humane Society will be on their Facebook page, with a camera focused on the cat’s litter box. Not something the faint of heart will want to see.

But for some, they’re all in.

The Cats Of Istanbul
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They say the cats have been feeding and are ready to cover your #1 ex, in plenty of #2.

You write the name of your ex on a small piece of paper; choose the donation you want to give for this ‘service’ and all proceeds will benefit the animals at the shelter.  Love it.

Here’s the link to make it happen.

This will be a most unusual Valentine’s Day, but nobody said fundraising is easy. So, you do what you got to do. It’s clearly not for everyone, and if you’re uncomfortable providing a name of an ex, give ‘em my name. I am used to being…


It's all about good fun. We don't really hate anybody/

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