Remember last year when a film crew was in Orono? This is the documentary that was shot there!

Back on March 7, 2022, there was a parking ban in a portion of Downtown Orono, and everyone was very curious as to why. Turns out, it was to accommodate filming for a Stephen King documentary, that is now finally seeing the light of day, over a year later.

That day they ended up shutting down Mill Street, from Main Street to Pleasant Street, and the alleyway connecting Mill Street to the Pine Street Municipal Parking Lot, for a total of 12 hours!

Crews were working on the documentary “King on Screen” This is a 90-minute film, that includes, Frank Darabont, who directed “The Shawshank Redemption,” and the “The Green Mile”, along with other directors who have brought Stephen King novels to the big screen.

Since 1976, and the movie "Carrie", more than 50 directors have adapted the books of Bangor's "Master of Horror", in more than 80 films and series, making him now, the most adapted author still alive in the entire world.

Not only is the trailer available to watch, but the film will also make its Maine debut, tomorrow in Waterville, at the Maine International Flim Festival at 7 pm!

One question remains? When can you see it?

The plan is that "King On Screen" will get a limited theatrical release on August 11, then it will head to On Demand and Blu-ray, on September 8.

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