Crime happens all the time. Even here in Maine. It can be easy to be complacent and feel like dangerous incidents are worlds away.

Tonight while scrolling Facebook I read about a scary experience from an old friend who was in a parking lot I would certainly have my guard down in.

Sitting in the Augusta Lowe's parking lot with the dog while her family was inside, a man attempted to break into Meg Niles' vehicle. If it weren't for the dog, Cooper, the story could have ended much differently.

In the comments of the Facebook posts, several others reported similar experiences at the nearby Target parking lot. This video was shared but it is unknown for certain if it is the same individual.

This is a great reminder for everyone to keep your guard up and doors locked. While this happened to a friend it could just have easily been myself or a loved one. I know with my vehicle, as soon as I put it in park the doors unlock automatically. I also know I'm guilty of sitting in the car playing on my phone before getting out and going about my day.

Let's all make a habit of keeping doors locked until we're ready to get out.

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