Yesterday was National Ice Cream day. We all have favorite flavors, but a real pro loves ice cream with cake. No matter the type.

So, for those who love cake, here's an update of last summer's find of 'The Cupcake Lady'

Can’t say you have ever longed to live in Caribou ... until now of course.

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Here’s hoping that this idea sweeps our nation, borrowed from England, and began in Maine.

Caribou Maine. Making it even a better place with this idea.

We’ve all heard of cookie stands, and lemonade stands, and numerous other ideas of people selling things at stands.

This one is at a typical home in Caribou.  And a different home from last year. Same lady. Same Idea.  Pull up in the car or walk over for Cupcakes.

Courtesy Lori Knight
Courtesy Lori Knight

The cupcakes are now at 83 Collins Street in Caribou. And this year, it's a Pop Up Event. Instead of each day and selling out each morning, the Cake Lady will notify all who follow her on Facebook, in advance, what day she'll be selling the cupcakes.

If you are going to be in Caribou this summer, head to the new location on Collins street.

Welcome to the Collins Street Cake Fridge

Courtesy Lori Knight
Courtesy Lori Knight

Lori Knight is the cupcake lady. She’s admittedly not a professional baker. She is a school teacher with the summer off, and says:

This is just a summer fun thing to do.

And she said she is so surprised at the response and the number of people who have reached out to her on Facebook.

Last week she sold out all her cupcakes. So don’t get there too late in the day.

Lori Knight
Lori Knight

Where did the idea come from?

Lori is an avid baker, and she binge-watched a British TV show called ‘Shetland’, and there is a cake fridge in Shetland, so she thought:

Why can’t I do that here?

You sure have done it, Lori.  Here’s to a fun summer full of a lifetime of memories. And Cupcakes. Last word goes to Lori:

And people say binge watching tv is nonproductive! Lol!

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